Portraits with One Subject:
18" x 24"                            $ 1,000
22" x 28"                            $ 1,500                    
 15" x 30"                            $ 1,000
24" x 30"                            $ 2,000
30" x 36"                            $ 2,500
Price is based on head and shoulders.
However, Prices vary with the amount
of detail.  Larger   sizes  are  available   
upon  request.
To Commission a Fine Art Portrait or Painting

* Prices may vary depending on the amount of detail required.

* The artist reserves the right to use "artistic liberty" in setting up               
composition, backgrounds colors and scenes. This is done to achieve
the most complimentary  
painting for you.  Of course landmarks and
your special memories will be preserved and represented well in your      
paintings.  Your input and comments are welcome.

*Framing is left up to each individual.  All
Paintings are priced and
shipped  without frames.  ***Shipping costs are extra.

* A deposit of 50% is required to commission  the start of a painting,  the  
 balance is due at or before delivery.

*The use and reproduction of these paintings are strictly  prohibited by      
 copyright laws.  All paintings are copyrighted for the exclusive use and    
reproductions of Brenda Helps.

To contact the Artist
Telephone: 6
E-mail: brendahelps@thepaintspotportraits.com
or click here           to go to Contact page
Please do not hesitate to contact the artist to clarify details about
paintings or portrait request. Brenda will give you some ideas
on possible poses, locations, colors and a fee quote.
To Contact the Artist Brenda Helps
Additional Subjects in Same Painting
Approximately $ 500.00
a child sitting with a kitten, portrait painting in oil
Buy a Painting as a Gift of Love to Share as a Family Heirloom
Brenda Helps