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The Gallery of Roses, Flowers, & Still Life Paintings
Rose Paintings by Artist Brenda Helps
Brenda Helps

Scarlet Red and White Roses
Pink Rose Painting
Watercolor Roses
24" x 36"  Watercolor on Paper
Private Colection
Paintings of Your Favorite Flowers
and Treasures
Roses  in Portrait
"Roses in Portrait"
16" x  20" Oil on Canvas
"Barely Pink Roses"
14"x 18" Oil on Canvas
Private Collection
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Oval  Scarlet and Pink Roses
Pink Watercolor Rose Painting
Colored Roses Oil Painting
"Scarlet Red and White Roses"
14" x  18" Oil on Canvas
"Fan of Roses"
19" x 30" Oil on Hardboard
Private Collection
"  Roses and Hydranges"
18" x  24" Oil on Canvas
Private Collection
Oil Painting Roses Abundant Blooms
Scarlet Rose in Full Bloom
Florals  &
Still  Life
Antique Single Red Rose
Antique Roses Oil Painting
Antique Red Rose Painting
"Antique Roses"
Oil on Wood
Coral Roses Oil Painting by Rose Artist Brenda Helps
Red Roses in Watercolor
Watercolor Red Rose Painting
Pink Roses in Watercolor
Scarlet and Pink Rose in Watercolor
"Coral Roses"
14" x 18" Oil on Canvas
Watercolor Roses
Watercolor on Paper
Various sizes
Being adopted at age 11 by my Great Aunt Loraine was a
blessing for me in many respects.  Not only was I shown a
great deal of love and respect, I was given a new chance at
making a wonderful life.  Loraine gave me among many
other things a love and appreciation for
roses.  Close to
nature and an avid gardener, Loraine started Her own roses
from trimmings she collected during pruning.  She could
hardly bring herself to throw any rose trimmings away.  No
one in the neighborhood had more
beautiful roses or more
abundant or
colorful blooms.  Loraine passed away many
years ago but has left her love of roses with me.  I am not
nearly as good at growing roses as she, but I have found
great joy in
painting them.  I cannot think of this lovely
woman who took in a needy
child without associating
beautiful roses with her.  And so I became a
rose artist, ...  
rose I paint, I dedicate to her.  I hope you enjoy my
roses and still life paintings in  oil and watercolor.