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"Bisbee' The Lion Costume"
24"x 30" Oil on Canvas
Private Collection
"Quiote' Shooter, A Horse Portrait"
22" x 28" Oil on Canvas
Private Collection
24' x 36" Oil on Canvas
Private Collection
Brenda Helps Portraits.Com
" Cosmo the Orange Tabby and Taley"
Cosmo 's Memorial
18"x 24" Oil on Canvas
Private Collection
Great Dane Oil Painting
Bisbee The Lions Costume Cat Painting
Pet Portrait Paintings
Created  from  your photographs
to make a lasting family treasure ...
Tabby Cat Memorial Painting
          Painted Portraits of Your Pet

My goal in painting your pet or favorite animal is to
capture not only it's physical appearance but also
the essence of the
animal itself; that which makes
animal special all unto itself.  Your pet pose if
showing the
character of your pet can help to make
painting even more special.  All that I need is
a clear and concise
photograph of your pet.  Be
sure that it depicts the pose you would like and
displays any special markings your pet may have.
You will be able to view the progress of your
painting on the "
Your paintings in Progress"
page in this website.  I welcome your comments
during the creation of your heirloom and look
forward to
painting for you.  Please review the
Photography Tips" page in this website for
guidelines in taking your

Brenda Helps
The  Pet Portrait Gallery
Quiote' Shooter, A  Horse Portrait
Brenda Helps Portraits.Com