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Picture inspired by the
Hubel Space Station
Photograph "Swan Nebula"
A Work in Progress
18" x 24"  Mixed Media
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Original  Photograph
contemporary girl painting
Where Emotions Rule Art
abstract oil painting on canvas
Contemporary Art is simply art that is created with in our lifetime or produced since World War II.  For me, it is
art that is a bit less detailed and leaves more to the imagination of the viewer such as is
abstract art or maybe even  
impressionism.  All can cross over a bit into the other and can be debated long after the cows have come home.  For
me Contemporary Art is a way of  letting emotions flow into your work without having to explain anything.  It is
pure emotion
on canvas woven as the viewer sees it in himself.  Oil Paintings created to look like Watercolor Art;
Abstract Oil Paintings mused from the Galaxies;  Pure Color divined  from Nature;  Art is everywhere and in
everything pure and simple.
"Abstract from the Galaxies"
    Oil on Canvas
Brenda Helps