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Brenda Helps

The Artist's Works in Progress
New Orleans, Royal Street Minstrels
"Bourbon's" and the New Orleans,
"Royal Street Minstrels"  Beginning
Stay   Tuned   .....
The Emily's

24" x 36"  Oil on Canvas
18" x  24"  Oil on Canvas
"New Orleans  Royal Street Minstrels"
16" x  20" Oil on Canvas
Brenda Helps.Com
This is an old photograph which
doesn't depict the true colors of
this beautiful lady's hair so color  
was adjusted.  Still a work in
Watch   your  painting
as  it  progresses into  your         
family  heirloom
hand painted
from your photograph
by Oil and
Portrait Artist Brenda Helps.

A Note of Thanks  from a Client.

I love it!!!


It is just what I had hoped, but had not really
allowed myself to expect.  Purchasing a
portrait online was a challenge and I kept
thinking that I might be being and idiot
deciding to pay more then the average rate
based on digital images on the internet.  I
could not have made a better choice.  

I rushed out to a framing place that I know in
Manhattan to pick out a frame and went with
your suggestion of a wider frame (4").  After
I had chosen the frame and left my deposit he
complimented the painting profusely saying
that this is a quality classic yet modern
portrait and went on and on about the facial
detail and the background and the way the
hair blended into the background.  I have had
other things framed by this man and this is
not just something he does to butter up his

Thank you VERY VERY much.